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Rise of Technology in Private Hire Taxis in Reading


Cheap Private Hire Taxis by Airports GO


Gone are the good old days when minicab and taxi firms would use radio communications to run their business. Each driver would have a radio fitted in their vehicle and bookings would be dispatched by voice over the radio to drivers. Calling a taxi firm was the only way to book a private hire Reading taxi.


Almost 10 years on from 2008 when only a few firms were still using radios. Most companies now use other methods. Dispatching bookings to drivers via Apps on smartphones and devices. Customers can now book online.


This is were businesses like Airports GO have excelled by introducing ways to book taxis to all UK Airports by booking online. Hassle free fast online cheap Private Hire Taxis & Airport Transfer bookings. Enter details about your journey and receive a quote live online. Pay using credit or debit cards securely. Things are a lot easier and safer these days, so be wise and book your next journey in advance.


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